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Quality Testing

Llamas Coatings, Inc. prior to beginning each project reviews the specifications pertaining to the job to assure the supervisor or foreman understands the type coating to be applied and the specifics of that coating. The manufacturers representative is also consulted if there are any questions or special procedures applicable to the specific coating. If pre-primed steel is to be used on a project, Llamas Coatings verifies that the manufacturer applied the correct primer and that the steel was properly prepared before priming before accepting the steel for coating.

Daily Quality Environmental Testing Measurements

Supervisors and foremen must take note of weather conditions and type of work to be performed on a daily work log. These are kept on file for each project to assure work progress and that proper procedures are followed for specific coating applications. Any type of environmental testing is also recorded on the daily work log.

Llamas Utilizes Quality Testing Instruments

Llamas Coatings utilizes various instruments to assure the quality of its coatings applications. Some instruments are self-calibrating and others must be sent to the manufacturer for periodic adjustments. These instruments and others are used to assure that the coatings are applied properly. Obviously not all employees are trained to use these instruments; however, when testing is to be performed and experienced person shall conduct such tests.

Bacharach Sling Psychrometer

» Bacharach Sling Psychrometer
Determines relative humidity. Accurate to within ±5% R.H. Designed for portability. Tests in industrial atmospheres where high or low humidity may be critical in manufacturing processes.
PTC Surface Temperature Thermometer » PTC Surface Temperature Thermometer
Determines surface temperature prior to coatings application. NIST certification available.
Keane-Tator Surface Profile Comparator » Keane-Tator Surface Profile Comparator
Determines that the proper profile has been attained after abrasive blasting metal surfaces prior to application of primer coat. Comparators allow the estimation of surface roughness, by both touch and sight. Three versions: sand, shot and grit. Five different grades of roughness in each comparator.

» Mikrotest III/IV Thickness Gages
Determines the thickness of dry coatings on ferrous metal surfaces. Complies with ASTM B499, D1186, G12, B530, DIN50981, 50982, BS5411, ISO 2178, 2361.
» Tinker-Rasor Low Voltage Holiday Detector
Finds pinholes in coatings. Accuracy +/- 5%

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