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Atlanta Water System Main TankLlamas Coatings provides abrasive blasting, pressure washing, high pressure water blasting, and other methods to clean steel and other surfaces to prepare for the application of various coatings systems. Once the surface has been prepared, Llamas Coatings can apply many types of coatings including polyurethanes, urethanes, epoxies, textured coatings and other special coatings. Methods of application include spray, roll, or brush. Llamas Coatings also provides tank lining service to companies for their storage tanks and other types of storage vessels. These projects are performed in a safe manner and follow confined-space and other OSHA regulations.

Llamas Coatings Product Manufacturers

Llamas Coatings works closely with the representatives of these and other companies to assure the proper application procedure and application conditions are followed. Below is a list of some of the major manufacturers of some of the coatings applied by Llamas Coatings: Carboline, Tnemec Coatings, Induron Protective Coatings, Xypex Chemical Corporation, Sherwin-Williams, Mameco Weatherproofing Materials, International Protective Coatings, Ameron International Performance Coatings and Finishes Group, Devoe Coatings, Sika Corporation, Thoro System Products, DuPont High Protective Coatings, PPG Coatings, Plasite/Wisconsin Protective Coatings, Dow Corning Sealants, and Sonneborn Sealants.

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Tnemec Coatings Sherwin-Williams Carboline Sika Corporation
Ameron International PPG Coatings
Xypex Chemical Corporation Devoe Coatings Dow Corning Sealants
International Protective Coatings Sonneborn Sealants DuPont Performance Coatings

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American Spider Lifts JLG Lifts

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